Xavier Klein // Graphic Designer, Artist, Free Software Lover // Contact me ⇝ contact@xavierklein.eu twitter

Xavier "Xavor" Klein, March 25, 1989, St-Cyr L'École (78 rpz), France.

I'm a young graphic designer/artist/wannabe hacker.
I love music, digital culture and alternatives economies.
I try to work mostly on free software for ethics and creatives reasons (it's possible, see here, here and here).
I'm looking for work right now.
You can download my resume by clicking here.

2015 >>> Obsidere, Le MAGA, Bruxelles.

2015 >>> Master 1 Editorial Design, ERG École de Recherche Graphique, Bruxelles.
2013 >>> DSAA Visual Communication, ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, Paris.
2011 >>> BTS Visual Communication option graphic design, publishing, advertising, ESAA Duperré, Paris
2008 >>> Preparatory class at the Fine Arts school of Rueil-Malmaison.

2015 >>> Imal (1 month), "Center for digital cultures and technology".
2014 >>> Lafkon (4 months), graphic design using programmation and free software, Augsburg, Germany.
2013 >>> Fisheye Magazine/Becontents (4 months), magazine publishing focusing on photography, Paris.
2012 >>> Editions Allia (1 month), independent publishing house focusing on situationist books, Italian humanism and punk, Paris.
2010 >>> Rampazzo & Associés (2 months), editorial design, Paris.

This website is composed in:
- Luculent, designed by Andrew Kensler.
- Version_0.5, designed by myself.

Of course, they're free as in free speech.

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