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The man of the future will be efficient and multitask.
All those people who live streaming, showing how strong they are on very hard game, I will glorify them, make them even more beefy.
Since they are too busy with their hands, I allow them to play with their face through facial recognition.
Motors operate the instruments according to their head movements.
Later, they can do an amazing number of things, writing a book, to cook, draw...

I used a Processing code connected to an arduino. You can download the code here.

What is purpose of a video game? To finish it.
What is fashionable way today? Finish it. Quickly.
By optimization. In seeking the best techniques. Establish Worlds Records. And spread, to show themselves.
Players become machines and the game becomes a work maniac. Players who want to be winners want to be like machines ?
I created a machine that is programmed to lose repeatedly.
As the monks who pray for the souls of their contemporaries,
my machine fault for each player who finishes a game without losing a life,
condemned to replay the same partition, the same pixels for eternity.
Soon on Twitch, you can, dear spectator, repent of all these supposedly lives of talented players, killing the games!
Goes into a trance at the sound of the first notes so recognizable Super Mario Bros, its same colors ever returned!

I used an arduino patch. You can download the code here.